Missa Made It is a small Aussie business owned and run by one young Mum, Missa (me) I design, make, sell, ship and do all of the social media and website stuffs myself. I love being in control of the overall design and feel of my products, and being a perfectionist you can be sure what you are buying is great quality as it has been made with a tonne of love and attention to detail!


With a passion for art and design I discovered a love of designing and making unique toys initially for my son in 2011 when I was 23 which lead to a love of fabric shopping, and in turn a love for kids fashion with the release of the first Mmi bibs a few years later.


Fast forward 6 years from my first initial handful of online toy sales (which was uber cool at the time!) my two babes are now both at school so I have built Mmi into my full time job/career/passion. It has taken alot of hard work to get my little biz to the point it is at now, with numerous online stores and baby boutiques around the globe stocking my brand (which is totally amazing considering I still design and hand make everything myself!) 


It is still SO exciting to write addresses on orders heading overseas, with Germany and the Netherlands regular destinations! I never imagined I would ship outside of Australia, let alone to these exotic destinations with customers who send me emails I have to translate using Google (hopefully my Google translated replies make sense lol!)


Thankyou for loving my business, my designs, my passion, without you guys the dream of being an artist/designer wouldn't be a reality xo.