Handmade in Australia

Handmade by one Mumma

Mmi is all designed and handmade by one Mumma, Missa.

What began as a little side project making my son pirate toys and anything I could cover in skulls 13 years ago, grew into a business which was sold all around the world! I still have a hard time comprehending the success this business saw, even all these years later!

The whole time, handmade at my kitchen table, by just me 🖤

Mmi has been closed pretty much since 2020 lockdown, the whole world was flipped on it’s head and I decided to close down to focus on home schooling my two teens.

End of 2019 I found out I have an auto immune disease, fibromyalgia, so it ended up being a blessing to be able to stop sewing full time because I was in so much pain in my hands, back and knees from spending all day every day sitting down, making all the things.

I took the chance to do something new during lockdown, and I started a candy gift box business on a whim, I had this idea and I just went for it. Within 12 months, with lockdowns ending, I opened a retro 90’s themed candy shop in my home town of Portland, Victoria.

I never imagined I would grow so much as a person taking such a HUGE leap out of my comfort zone (I had worked at home my whole adult life since having children at 20) I found myself in the process, while also focusing on and improving my health, my happiness, and best of all, I managed to get my auto immune disease and the pain under control!

Fast forward to 2022, I have decided to start sewing again part time, the whole time I have been closed I have received messages asking me to reopen because my products are so loved - which makes me feel so so loved!

10 years of Mmi (Est. 2011)

Over the years so so many babes have grown up with my handmade products and it makes my heart SO happy!

One of my most memorable moments was receiving a photo of a first birthday cake which was shaped as my Foxy Binkie Blankie 🥺

Mmi will be super limited from this point, as I am just sewing when I have spare time, and using up all the bits of pieces of fabric I have collected over the past 11 years.

Some old designs may come back, they may not, I’m still not entirely sure what the future holds for Mmi but for now this limited range is what I have to offer 🖤

*Follow my socials for new product updates, I’m hoping to restock and add new bib fabrics at least once a month

Mmi was sold next to … Versace

The pinnacle of my little handmade business was in 2019 when Mmi was sold in a baby shop in LA - next to Versace 😱

Still blows my mind! They even had a whole wall dedicated to my Mista plushies!

Mmi has also been stocked in Hollywood, The Netherlands and The Spanish Canary Islands! So crazy! Along with a huge selection of Australian baby stores 🖤