10 years of Mmi ..

What a journey this business has been, one both on a deeply personal and professional level!

Never did I EVER imagine my little handmade hobby could turn into a brand known all around the world! Products designed and handmade by me, sold in baby stores in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Spain, the Netherlands, and many MANY Australian stores!

I am SO proud of me, of this brand I created and nurtured for so so many years! Mmi started in 2011, I had two toddlers under my feet, and now I have two teenagers by my side. A lot has changed in those 10 years!

For 5 years Mmi was my full time job, I would spend all day every day behind my sewing machine creating amazing things! But, this took it’s toll on my body.

In early 2019, when Mmi really reached the pinnacle of business growth, and my handmade brand was stocked in the most AMAZING monochrome themed American baby store in LA, sold next to Versace!! my body started to fail on me.

I first noticed my knees were not a fan of sewing all day, but worst of all, the pain in my hands from using scissors all day was debilitating! I couldn’t move my fingers some days my joints were in so much pain. At the end of 2019, I got my diagnosis, I have fibromyalgia which causes wide spread pain in my joints that can only be treated with pain management, and stopping doing the things causing me so much pain. I didn’t know what to do, Mmi was my baby and I had put my heart and soul into this business for a third of my life!

Then, 2020 happened. I stopped sewing for most of the year due to lockdowns in Victoria, and physically I had never felt better! The constant pain in my hands was gone!

The universe had different plans for me, and I have decided to travel down a new path into the future - after 10 years, I am retiring from Mmi full time! I’m still unsure what this means exactly, but for now I am only sewing bibs for a few of my long time wholesale stockists (I will make a list on my website).

I am not sad about this new journey though, I am excited for the possibilities of a new future! Filled with new ideas, new passions, new goals and a new business Sugar Sugar Candy Co.

After all, if there is no rain, there are no flowers ❤️

Missa | Designer, Mumma + Maker

Mmi (Missa Made It) was established in 2011 making this year my 10TH YEAR in business - which blows me away when I think about it! 10 years of designing and hand crafting every day, as my full time career, I am just so thankful your support allows me to spend my days doing something I love to do!

Mmi features original, unique, quality products designed + handmade in Australia by one Mumma!

Keep an eye on my Instagram for new product updates and release dates 🖤

Mmi next to Versace .... *Pinch Me*

My humble little handmade Australian brand sold next to Versace in a baby store in LA (USA) *Mind Blown!* One of THE biggest highlights of my handmade career!

All the skulls!

My love for alternative baby gear back when my babes were new is what inspired the creation of Mmi - I wanted everything with SKULLS!

But baby products with skulls were impossible to buy back then - so I created my own pirate toys and accessories - I never would have guessed so many years later so many mums just like me would love edgy baby gear too! 🥰

Fun Fact:

Since starting Mmi back in 2011 I have been using a premium toy fill made from RECYCLED PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES! I still find it so cool that’s even possible!

This toy fill/stuffing feels and looks like regular polyester toy fill - but it’s SO much better for the environment plus it’s hypoallergenic!

The Aussie company I buy it from states, for every 70 post consumer plastic water bottles 1KG of stuffing is made - and I buy this stuff in 10KG bags = 700 plastic bottles saved each bag x 3 bags a year .. Over 10 years - that’s something like 20,000 plastic bottles we have saved from ending in landfill - How cool is that?!

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